Techncial Writer, Business Analyst, Communications Specialist & Instructional Designer

Dear John,

Just two words out of a million. Nothing special about them, really. But put them together and suddenly they have the power to devastate. Words have a habit of doing things like that, which is why they're so important. With the right words you can wage wars, get someone to see something more clearly or sell a product or service. You can even change destiny. Just ask anyone who has ever uttered 'I do.'

I write software documentation, user guides. training manuals, case studies, and white papers.  I create marketing materials, web site content, product messaging, and online activation guides. I have written lists and checked them twice. I write press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, presentations, and educational courses. I have even written my name in wet cement.  I write often and am very good at my craft.

Leslie C. Wood, Writer

Leslie C. Wood, Writer


Leslie C. Wood, Writer

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